25Sep, 2018

YouTube has recently revealed that it is soon going to start non-skippable ads for all the YouTubers, which means watchers now cannot skip the ad before it ends by itself. This update will take place in the upcoming week; now the point of view is what the user react to it. The channel creators will receive the notification regarding the implementation of this new feature, which allows them to upload their non-skippable ads on the YouTube videos.

If the channel makers want to add the non-skippable ads on their videos so, they have to push the enable button then ads will automatically add to the previously uploaded as well as new videos in the pipeline itself. YouTube recently disclosed that this step has taken in the favour of channel creators to enhance the opportunity to earn more money.

In order to execute the entire process of this update smoothly, the developers have added a button that allows the creators to add or remove the non-skippable ads in bulk. In addition to this, channel holders will also able to figure out the traffic of the audience as well as revenue from each video containing non-skippable ads.

It will assist the creators in order to determine whether the ads are beneficial for their content or it is a creating a negative impact on it. Advertisers are bearing more money to display non-skippable ads on the YouTube videos, which means creators are earning enough pay as compare to skippable ads.

YouTube has also taken a positive step towards its viewer, that it restricted the length of the non-skippable ad to 20 seconds. Hence, the viewers will not have to bear a couple of minutes in front of it. Previously, the limit for non-skippable ads was 30 seconds, but now it has shorted to 20 seconds.

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